One of the biggest benefits of buying new is the certainty of knowing you’re driving a perfectly functioning vehicle off the lot of your local dealership. After all, car companies like Ford, GM and Toyota built empires on creating reliable vehicles, right? Unfortunately, many underestimate the importance of remaining aware of automobile recalls and overestimate the durability of their car’s most vital components. Occasionally, some of these components may be part of a defective batch during manufacturing, placing drivers everywhere in danger if they aren’t exchanged for properly produced parts.

What Is the Takata Recall?

The largest automobile recall in American history took place in mid-July this year. Millions of vehicles were outfitted with faulty, dangerous airbags manufactured by the parts supplier Takata. Although there were numerous announcements regarding the recall and significant press attention for this particularly deadly malfunction, thousands of Americans are still driving vehicles with defective Takata airbags.

These faulty Takata airbags have proven lethal to numerous Americans. Evidence has shown Takata airbags are at risk of explosively ejecting from the steering wheel. This problem originates with the airbag’s inflator which has, on occasion, ignited an explosion. There are also structural material flaws with the inflator’s casing and several documented injuries and deaths due to the casing shattering and spreading shrapnel about the cabin on deployment.

What Do I Do If the Takata Recall Affects Me?

Remaining informed of the recalls can protect your vehicle and your loved ones while on the road. If you suspect you may have a Takata airbag within your vehicle or have received notice of the recall, immediately take your vehicle to the dealership for replacement services free of charge.

With literally hundreds of makes and models being affected by this recall, it’s not entirely surprising that many of these vehicles’ owners still have not heard about the recall, or don’t realize their vehicle was affected, putting them at an increased risk of sustaining major injuries as a direct result of their vehicle’s malfunctioning components. The earliest vehicle affected by the recall was the 2000 BMW 3 Series and there were several 2017 makes and models that included faulty Takata airbags.

You can browse through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Takata airbags recall list to see if your family owns one of the affected vehicles. They estimate more than 42,000,000 vehicles with the defective airbags were sold in the U.S.

Product Liability Attorney serving the Sacramento Area

Airbags are a positively vital part of any vehicle, as they protect the driver and passengers in the event of a collision. Ironically, with the Takata recall in effect, these life-saving components have taken the lives of many Americans and injured even more. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of a malfunctioning Takata airbag, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Sacramento area residents who have been injured by a faulty airbag or any other auto defect or accident can trust the compassionate, knowledgeable attorneys at Ashton and Price Attorneys at Law. We’ll assist you in navigating your product liability case and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us online or call 916-786-7787 to schedule your consultation today!