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What Should I do in a Bicycle Hit and Run?

Craig Ashton sat down with Edward Schade on a recent episode of All Things Legal to discuss the hit-and-run law that every biker should know. In early June, seasoned bicyclist and running legend Bill Finkbeiner was walking on a bike trail in Sacramento when he was struck from behind by an oncoming bicycle. The bicyclist […]

Body cameras are good for cops, but are they good for the people?

Craig Ashton and Ed Schade spent some time on a recent episode of All Things Legal discussing the impact of body cams on police enforcement. Recent headlines involving police misconduct reiterate the need for accountability of law enforcement through body cams. Additionally, the evidence that can be obtained by body cams can be critical in […]

How Drug Treatment Plans Hurt Personal Injury Cases

Insurance companies tend to classify proactive treatment as “excessive care” and deny claims, opting instead for traditional drug treatments and medications. “It’s a lot less expensive to medicate somebody than [it is] to proactively treat them,” Craig Ashton from the Law Firm of Ashton & Price explains. One of the most common complaints in personal […]

Folsom Accident Demonstrates Dangers of Driving at High Speeds

A fatal accident after a short high speed chase in Folsom demonstrated just how dangerous high speeds can be. Early Thursday morning on December 15th, officers checked the license plate number on a car they observed driving in the Arden-Arcade area. When they found that the plates had been reported stolen, the officers attempted to […]

Drowsy Driving is Dangerous: Make Sure You’re Rested Before You Drive For many years the risks of drunk driving have gotten a lot of attention, and more recently many states have taken steps to curb texting and driving. But Craig and the All Things Legal team tackled an issue that has long gone ignored, despite the fact that it’s been an issue since the first […]

Be Careful Around Big Rigs During the Winter Weather

If you were on the road anywhere near Sacramento on Thursday morning, December 10th, then odds are decent that you were tied up in a serious traffic jam. At about 6:15 AM, a large two-trailer FedEx big rig truck traveling down southbound I-5 crossed over the center divider, striking a northbound pickup truck head-on, instantly […]

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