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The Challenge of Recovering From Life-Changing, Permanent Injuries

An article recently published in the Sacramento Bee reinforces an oft-forgotten aspect of serious injuries: it’s not just the initial pain and suffering of a crippling or disfiguring injury that throws your life into turmoil. The true cost can only be measured in the long term. Originally published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, author Thomas Leibrandt’s […]

Dave Mirra & The Legal Difficulty of Linking Brain Injuries to Sports

Given Ashton & Price’s lengthy experience head injury cases, it’s no surprise that the All Things Legal team takes a particular interest in legal situations like the NFL’s legal difficulties with the spate of brain injury diagnoses in ex-players. Well, the situation just got even more complicated, according to an article about BMX rider Dave […]

Biking is on the Rise in Sacramento, But So Are Bike Deaths

Just about everything these days has a national day, week, or month. Bicycling is no exception, as May is National Bike Month. But given the health benefits—both physical and mental—of getting out and working those pedals, the pastime enjoyed by millions of Americans is more than deserving of the recognition. This gives enthusiasts an excuse […]

Is There A Valid Medical Excuse for Breaking the Speed Limit?

Many movies feature the cliché of a panicked husband breaking the speed limit and blowing past police officers in order to get his pregnant wife to the hospital. And occasionally, such things do happen in real life. On Sunday, May 8, two Los Angeles Highway Patrol officers got more than they bargained for when they […]

DUIs, Watson Murders, and Dram Shop Laws in California

Sacramento is a big place with a lot of people. While this makes for a very vibrant community, the downside of a large population is that unfortunate circumstances play out on a regular basis. On a recent episode of All Things Legal, Craig Ashton and Ed Schade discussed an unfortunate DUI accident that happened in […]

Stay Safe While Skiing the Snowy Slopes This Winter

For the first time in years, California slopes are covered in snow. Understandably, this has avid snowboarders and skiers all over the country excited and ready to hit the slopes. But skiing and snowboarding are risky sports, and sometimes unfortunate accidents happen. In November, a college student visiting from Ohio died while skiing at Bear […]

Boating Accidents Happen. Here’s How You Can Stay Safe.

Given the large number of lakes and waterways in and around the Sacramento area, it’s unsurprising that boating accidents happen here frequently. Sometimes serious injuries or accidents happen due to inexperience and a lack of experience or grasp of basic safety knowledge. But tragic accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of training or experience. In […]

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