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Walmart’s Overreliance on Local Police Services Could Cost Them

Many Americans think of police protection as a basic right. But do businesses have that same right to police assistance? Is there a point at which businesses have a responsibility to handle criminal issues internally? This was the topic of discussion for Craig Ashton, Ed Schade, and Tim Hodson on a recent episode of All […]

Millions of Drivers are Breaking School Bus Safety Laws

The All Things Legal is predicated upon looking at the legal angle behind topics that are currently in the news. So it should come as no surprise that when a topic relevant to the legal practice of Ashton and Price—bus accidents, which occur all too often in the Sacramento area–made national news, Craig Ashton and […]

Every Car Accident Causes Millions of Dollars in Damages

Last week, Tim Hodson’s chance encounter with traffic backup caused by a car accident in Sacramento on the way to the All Things Legal studio inspired an insightful soliloquy from Craig Ashton on the true cost of even minor highway collisions. Craig led things off by explaining Mr. Hodson’s tardy arrival to the studio, “Tim […]

Staying Safe When You Visit National Parks and Other Natural Areas

Our local newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, published a brief article on Tuesday regarding a resident of Roseville who had to be rescued by helicopter after he fell over the edge of Eagle Falls near Lake Tahoe. The man—who had apparently been a frequent visitor to Eagle Falls in the past—stopped to take photos at the […]

Sacramento Introduces New Law To Keep Bicyclists Off City Sidewalks

Sacramento is a popular city for bicyclists, as any resident can attest. As a consequence, bicycle accidents are extremely common as well. However, while most of these accidents have involved vehicles striking bicyclists, there have been a number of cases in which bicyclists have struck pedestrians. And occasionally, the consequences have been serious. In May […]

The Challenge of Recovering From Life-Changing, Permanent Injuries

An article recently published in the Sacramento Bee reinforces an oft-forgotten aspect of serious injuries: it’s not just the initial pain and suffering of a crippling or disfiguring injury that throws your life into turmoil. The true cost can only be measured in the long term. Originally published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, author Thomas Leibrandt’s […]

Who’s to Blame for the Alligator Attack at Walt Disney World?

On a recent episode of All Things Legal, the team considered the legal ramifications of the unfortunate alligator attack at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Details of the Alligator Attack On Tuesday, June 14th, a Nebraska couple staying at the Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Orlando took their two small children—a two-year-old […]

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