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Body cameras are good for cops, but are they good for the people?

Craig Ashton and Ed Schade spent some time on a recent episode of All Things Legal discussing the impact of body cams on police enforcement. Recent headlines involving police misconduct reiterate the need for accountability of law enforcement through body cams. Additionally, the evidence that can be obtained by body cams can be critical in […]

Taking Legal Action against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is defined by the EEOC as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.” Last year, 12,860 sex-based harassment allegations were made in the U.S., according to a report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Why Some Victims Wait For Years Victims of sexual […]

Your Smart TV Is Watching You … How to Protect Your Privacy

Technological advancements are making it easier to store and share personal information on the internet, but how well is that information protected? What do companies like Vizio, Amazon, and Apple do with our information? This article by ProPublica calls attention to aggressive monitoring of users’ viewing habits by Visio’s Smart TV. The “Smart Interactivity” feature […]

How Drug Treatment Plans Hurt Personal Injury Cases

Insurance companies tend to classify proactive treatment as “excessive care” and deny claims, opting instead for traditional drug treatments and medications. “It’s a lot less expensive to medicate somebody than [it is] to proactively treat them,” Craig Ashton from the Law Firm of Ashton & Price explains. One of the most common complaints in personal […]

Pulling the Shade on Daylight Savings Time

After an unsuccessful campaign last year to end Daylight Savings Time, a California state lawmaker, Democrat Kansen Chu of San Jose, is trying again to put a stop to springing forward and falling back. He introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 807, which proposes either adjusting Daylight Savings Time or getting rid of it all together – […]

All Things Legal May 11th, 2017

On this segment of All Things Legal, we talk about Aaron Hernandez’s death and how that will affect his civil case for wrongful death, Joe Montanna’s lawsuit against the Millenial Tower in San Francisco, Raiderettes’ class action Law Suit against the Raiders, Penn State’s Fraternity Law Suit, and other topical events.

Is Donald Trump Violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause?

If you’ve glanced at the news lately, you’ve likely heard about a lawsuit recently filed by a watchdog organization alleging that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments through his hotels and other businesses. The group’s argument is based upon the little-known Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits […]

Alcohol Delivery Service Saucey Comes to Sacramento

Based on their caseload, the lawyers at Ashton and Price can tell you that drunk driving accidents happen all too often. That’s why they’re quick to celebrate any opportunity to reduce the incidence of such accidents. That’s why Craig Ashton and Tim Hodson spent some time on a recent episode of All Things Legal discussing […]

Can Your Child Legally Make Purchases With Amazon Echo?

Technology has made many responsibilities far more convenient than they used to be. Unfortunately, some things are becoming too convenient, as a Dallas family learned last month. Recently, Craig Ashton and Ed Schade discussed how a young girl purchased a pricey dollhouse through Amazon’s Alexa system and billed it to her parents: Craig: “Let’s go […]

New California Law Bans All Handheld Phone Use While Driving

It’s a brand new year, and along with the annual deluge of short-lived resolutions to work out and eat better, there are a number of new laws coming into effect in California. On a recent episode of All Things Legal, Craig Ashton and Ed Schade took some time to discuss one such law, Assembly Bill […]

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