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Hit and Run: The Scene of an Accident or the Scene of a Crime?

  • 31
  • August

You're driving home one night, maybe after a nice dinner or a few drinks at the bar. Sure, you feel a little buzzed, but you're not drunk... you've driven home in this condition (or worse) many times. And you've never had an accident. Why should you worry this time?

Suddenly, a shape appears in front of your car. There is no time to react. You just hear a dull thud and a blurred image passes by your car. Was it a deer? Was it a person...?

For the average person who doesn't engage in high-risk behavior, belong to a gang or run drugs, this is as bad as it gets. You've hit, and worst-case scenario, killed a pedestrian or someone on a bike or in another car. What do you do now?

Do you stop and try to help?

Do you run?

Most people would have the decency to stop after causing a car accident. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why people decide to leave the scene of an accident. Some have been drinking and are afraid of the consequences of a California drunk driving accident. Others are illegal immigrants worried about deportation.

Yet, no matter the reason, many of the individuals who cause hit and run accidents will eventually be caught. Imagine being interrogated by the Sacramento police or interviewed by a Sacramento hit & run accident lawyer and trying to explain why you left the scene of the accident.

Angry Mob Descends after Pedestrian Hit-and-Run in California

  • 21
  • January

It's hard to keep the facts straight on this tangled pedestrian accident case:

  • Pedestrian is struck by a hit-and-run driver
  • The same pedestrian is then run over by a second hit-and-run driver
  • A Good Samaritan runs across the street to help, is struck by a third driver and is injured
  • The third driver stops to help the injured Good Samaritan
  • An angry mob descends upon him

As the Los Angeles Times reports, the first pedestrian was hit by what was likely a minivan, according to Hawthorne Police Lieutenant Gary Tomatoni. After he was run over by a second vehicle, he was taken to a local hospital, where he died shortly thereafter.